Our Cuers


We are thrilled to have Dale and Veronica as our cuers as well as valued members of our club.

Veronica has served as our club secretary for the past year and is now taking over as our club treasurer as well as acting as our New Dancer Coordinator.  Dale is our chairman of “FUN”.  Dale, along with Veronica are responsible for planning and executing our most memorable party nights.

Recently Veronica started cueing for our club on our workshop nights.  She has since become more and more active in her cueing accepting engagements for our Saturday night hoedowns as well as cueing for other clubs weekend dances.

Veronica got started teaching line and country dance before moving on to coach and choreograph couples’ competition dancers – doing dance workshops at many of the competitions.

Dale competed through Arthur Murray for a couple of years before meeting Veronica and teaming up with her to teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced couple classes at a local college.

Dale introduced Veronica to cued ballroom on one of their first dates, and it was love at first sight!   She was pretty fond of Dale, too…  They’ve been dancing and teaching together for more than 15 years.  They are members of Roundalab (National Round Dance teachers organization) and NCRDTA (Northern California Round Dance Teachers Association).