Name That Call #4



The answer to NAME THAT CALL #3 was Wheel Around.  How many of you got it right?

I hope you are finding this little game both fun and challenging.

Here is your next square dance call definition:

Dance action: Dancers raise joined hands to form an arch and exchange places with each other by having the woman walk forward and under the arch along a tight left-turning semicircle. The man walks a slightly wider right-turning semicircle. Dancers have exchanged places, passing right shoulders, and are both facing in the opposite direction from which they started.
• Ending formation: Couple
• Timing: 4
• Styling: Man and woman use a loose hand grip. Outside hands are in natural dance position. For smoothness, the joined hands should move backward slightly while being raised to form the arch; this will give the dancers an initial turning motion toward each other.

Name That Call!

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