Can Square Dancing Survive COVID-19?

Can Square Dancing Survive


The ASDSC (Associated Square Dancers of Superior California) recently conducted a survey to find out how dancers feel about returning to square dancing once the Stay-At-Home orders are lifted.  The answers were both interesting and frightening.

The first question in this 2 question survey asks dancers, “When do you plan to start square dancing again?”

There are 148 responses so far.  The results, at the time of this post, are shown below:

  • 68 (45.9%) I will start dancing as soon as the halls are opened up. Just tell me when and where and I will be there!
  • 33 (22.3%) I really want to start dancing again but I will wait until there is a vaccine available for COVID-19.
  • 2 (1.4%) I have decided to hang up my dancing shoes. My dancing days are over.
  • 45 (30.4%) Other.

The second question asks if there are any other restrictions and/or objections that would need to be considered for you to dance again.

Following is sample of the responses which were received.  For a complete list click: Survey Results – 1.

  • Lots of hand sanitizer.
  • When scientific data shows that is safe, or safe methods are available for close/somewhat intimate/ and physical contact. Do not overestimate the need for revenue over safety of dancers.
  • I won’t be bringing or eating the food for awhile though. But I will dance!
  • Would like to see temperatures taken at the door and an entry hand sanitizer station.
  • If a proven effective vaccine of some kind is developed, we’d start dancing again soon after.
  • No new cases for a month.

How many of you feel your clubs can survive COVID-19 if less than half of your dancers will return before a vaccine is developed?

We would love to hear your thoughts.


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